This article will help you to get your exported files directly on your local system automatically and you will get directly print out on your local printer automatically via using Tally Cloud Web Panel.

So we would like you to use very very fast and reliable functionality for direct Export and Direct Print out.

Important Note : You have to keep login your user on your web panel in Browser.

Steps :

1. Open your Tally Cloud Web URL in your Chrome Browser.

  • Example :  (Enter your Cloud URL instead of

 2. Login your tally cloud RDP user instead of Admin user.

3. Export and Printer Option is added in your User's Web Panel.

4. Now You have to Export from your Tally.

  1. Login your RDP

  2. Press Alt+ E for Export.
  3. Enter your rdp user after C:\export\username. (C:\export\santosh) (See below image)

5. Now your file will be downloaded automatically in your system.

You will be able to get automatically print in your local printer.

To get automatically Print you have to install client in your system. Follow the link for installation.

  1. Open your Tally Cloud Web URL in your Chrome Browser.

3. Now You have to give Print out from your Tally.

  1. Login your user in Remote Desktop App.

  2. Press Alt+ P for Print.
  3. Select Your User's Printer. (See below image)

3. Give Command yes for Printing.

4. Now It is printing automatically after give print command from Tally.

Now you will be able to use automatically Export downloading and Automatically Print out from tally cloud to your system.

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