This is new solution which we introduce now with Tally Cloud. With this solution printing will be very easy from Tally on Cloud.

Things to be done.

1. TallyCloud RDP User need to login in Browser.

2. Client setup installation

3. Java -Open JDK installation if default not installed. 

Steps : 

Open your Tally Cloud Web URL in your Chrome Browser.

Example :  (Enter your Cloud URL instead of

Login your tally cloud RDP user instead of Admin user.

This is your User's TOC Printer Screen.(See Below Image)

  1. Click on "Install Printer" for adding one printer in your Tally Cloud server.
  2. Click on "Download Client" for installing in local system.

Now Client is downloading, once completed then run this client setup. ( See Below Image)

Once Click on Setup for installation then it will ask for permission to run in some computer system.

Click on "Yes". (See Below Image)

Now setup will be pop up for installation, Click "Next".

If Java is not installed in system then it will give pop up for "Java is required. Download Java Now".

Click "Yes". (See Below Image)

When Click on "Yes", then it will redirect on Browser for downloading java.

  1. Click on "Latest release" for download. (See Below Image)

Once Download Complete, Click on Downloaded Java setup for installation. (See Below Image)

Tick on I accept the terms in the License Agreement. (See Below Image)

  1. Click "Next" Button.

Click "Next" button. (See Below Image)

Click on "Install" button. (See Below Image)

Click on "Finish" button. (See Below Image)

Step 1 : Now back to Setup installation (See Below Image)

Step 2 : Then Click on "OK".

Then setup installation will be completed.

Click on "Close". (See Below Image)

Now back to the Browser and Click on Connect Button. (See Below Image)

Now it will pop up on the screen (Action Required)

  1. Tick mark on "Remember the decision"
  2. Click on "Allow" ( See Below Image)

Now QZ-Tray connected fine. You are ready to Print. (See Below Image)

  1. Select your working Printer.

Now Open Tally on Cloud by connecting through Remote Desktop Connection.

  1. Select Printer in Tally.

  2. Choose your User's Printer (santosh-toc-printer) (See below Image)

Now your Print job has been reach to your selected printer and It will be print out automatically. 

Important Note : Keep login your user in your Cloud Web Panel.

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