This method is recommended officially by Tally solutions. While using this Tally double check that you really want this deletion. Let's have done this.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please take all companies backup first.

Please connect tally on cloud through Remote Desktop Connection.

  • The first thing you should do is Load or open the company you wish to remove from Tally. Here we want to delete a company ABC Ltd.
  • Go to Gateway of Tally
  • Now press Company Info Button on the right side or use short cut key ‘Alt+F3’

Gateway of Tally ERP 9

Now you are in company info Menu screen

Company Info Menu

Select Alter or use HotKey A.Press enter.

Select company from the list

Select the company you want to delete from the list. The alteration screen will be in front of you.

Company Alteration Screen


Press Alt + D Short cut key, Tally confirms by showing a message box “Delete”

delete message

Press Enter or use key Y from the keyboard. You can press N Button or 
Esc key if you don’t want to delete.

             One more message, to double-check that you really mean deletion 

                                      “Are you sure?”.

are you sure message

Press Enter or use key Y from the keyboard.

The selected company will be deleted permanently. Remember you will never able to restore deleted data from the company.

Tally on Cloud Technical Support team can help you if you have any further queries.

Call us : 9512360094 95 96 | Email us : | Whatsapp : 9375239225.