1. How to install/add ENJAY PHONE chrome extension?

2. Enjay phone icon appears on your browser right top side.

  • When you click on Enjay phone icon, following page will appear.

  • Browser will ask you that allow microphone or not.
  • For Enjay phone, it’ll necessary to allow microphone.
  • Accessing input / output audio from the browser.

3. Configure it with credentials and connect it to your Asterisk(Enjay Synapse) server.

  • Below is the configuration screen.

1. Display name : You may write anything .
2. Extension no/Agent no : As defined in Asterisk/Synapse server.
3. Asterisk/Synapse password : Above extension password.
4. Asterisk/Synapse server URL/IP : Server URL/IP.
5. Web Socket port : Default port is 8089.


4. Details of Astrisk/Enjay Synapse.

  • For SIP registration, it’s necessary to accept self signed SSL certificate.
  • Asterisk / synapse server will access with ip address so, it's necessary to integrate with self signed certificate or valid SSL.

    5. Again, click on Enjay Phone icon(on your browser right top side) to get below Enjay Phone popup.

  6. After calling,

              Below is the content of bottom line icons (start from left to right).

1. For call Mute/ Unmute,
2. For call Hold/ Unhold,
3. For blind transfer,
4. For attended transfer,
5. For conference call,

6. Call Merge : after made conference call, it'll merge the call with each other.
7. For call hangup.