Problem : If you find this kind of Error so you need to do the below steps, Message no. will be different in your case and But Error will be same.

Solutions :  Remove TMESSAGE.TSF File from Company Data Folder.

Steps : 

NOTE : Please Take data backup first from tally in the path C:\Backup, Follow the link for taking backup, 

Then after do below steps for resolution.

  • Go to Your Tally Cloud Admin Web Panel in Browser. (Example :
  • Login with Admin User. 
  • Click On "Tally Management". (See Below Image)

  • Go to "Rewrite Data"
  • Click on "Yes" Button. (See Image Below)

  • Select your Tally Company number. (See Image Below)

  • Check Mark on "TMESSAGE.TSF" Files.
  • Click on "Delete TSF". (See Image Below)

  • Then Selected TMESSAGE.TSF file deleted. (See Below Image)

Now you can open your tally and start using your tally company.

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