With the reference of importing files like Excel, xml and csv in Tally, we have full fledge provisions for importing file in Tally on cloud. 

Important Note : Most of Tally users purchase TCP Tdl file for special import option in format of Excel, So upload your excel files in your google drive in the same path as in below images and import in Tally Cloud 

Now let see how it will be import in Tally on Cloud.


  • Open your configured Google Drive Account in Browser.
  • Go to "Drive" folder(See Image Below)

  • Open "Import" folder. (See Image Below)

  • Click on Upload Files. ( See Image Below )

  • File is uploaded in import folder on Google drive. Accounting Voucher.xml is sample file. (See Image Below)

  • Now you can open your Tally with help of Remote Desktop Client (WindowsMAC (iOS), LinuxAndroid)
  • Login your Tally Company in which you want to import data.
  • Click on "Import Data". (See Image Below)

  • Select option for import as per your requirement. 

  • Give the path for importing files. (Most important thing is path in Tally on Cloud). (See Image Below.

Now it will be import data successfully in you Tally on Cloud.

Tally on Cloud Technical Support team can assist you configuring your Tally on Cloud.

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