Additional Option for Tally Backup on Google Drive

Advantage: If you want to take backup of data in your System, With this option you can download backup at earliest.

 Other wise taken will be upload on Google drive's backup folder with date wise folder at Schedule Time.

How to Take Backup,

Login Tally on Cloud with any user and take backup from Tally, as shown in below image.

Select Destination path "C:\Backup" and select company. As shown in below Image.

Now your backup will be downloaded in your google drive at schedule time in the night. You can see your backup with date wise in Backup folder on google drive.

If you want to take backup instant right now for your CA or Auditing then you have to follow below steps...  

Now Login admin Panel in Browser with your Cloud URL. And Go to Last option Tally Backup.

  • .Tally Data Backup

  •  Click on "Download Now". (See Below Image)

Now you will get your recent taken backup in your configured backup email's Google drive.

  • Open you configured Google drive Account in Browser.(Gmail ID)
  • Go to "Drive". (See Below Image)

  • Open "Backup" folder. (See Below Image)

  • Select recent backup and do right click for downloading.
  • Click on "Download". (See Below Image)

Now your backup will be downloaded in your Local System in Download Folder. (See Below Image)

  • Then Click on Downloaded then Open Show in Folder.. (See Below Image)

  • Right Click on Backup .rar file and "Extract Here".

  • Now you will get folder after Extract here. (See Below Image)
  • Your Backup file will be inside the folder which you extracted.


You can now restore this backup in your local Tally.

Step 1 : Copy Location of Backup files. Press Ctrl+C.

Step 2 : Open Local installed Tally from Local system. (See Below Image)

  • If your local tally doesn't have Tally License then open in Educational Mode. (See Below Image)

  • Go to "Restore" option for restoring your Backup files. (See Below Image)

Note : 

Destination : Where it will restore your data as Folder. ये जगह, जहाँ पर आपका डाटा फोल्डर के रूप में रिस्टोर करेगा। 

Source : Where your backup file located. ये जगह, जहाँ पर आपका बैकअप की फाइल राखी हुई है। 

  • Paste your location of backup files. Press Ctrl+Alt+V for paste in Tally. (See Below Image)

Select your company for restoring.  (See Below Image)

  • Press Yes to restore.

Now back to folder where we have restored backup files.

  • You will get Tally companies folder after restore (See Below Image)

There you go. Your Backup will be restore successfully in your system.

For more details or any doubt or any other queries please feel free to contact TallyonCloud Support Team.

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