If any data tally data is damaged then you can use this utility easily to rewrite the selected company.

It can be rewrite with zero (0) id and duplicate id.

Precautions :

  • Please take Backup before proceeding for rewrite company data.
  • Log out All users if users are working on that company.

Process :

Open your Tally Cloud web admin panel. (Example : tcdemo.tallycloud.in)

  • Click on "Tally Management". (See Below Image)

  • Click on "Rewrite Data". (See Below Image)

  • Select Company from drop down that you need the rewrite the data . (See Below Image)
  • Click on "Rewrite" Button. 

If it will show the users who are working on that company then it will ask for close.

  • Ask users to Close or You can Log out users from here. (See Below Image)

  • Click "OK". (See Below Image)

  • Then after Login with "Admin panel user".

  • Now Press "Ctrl + Alt + R" from your Keyboard. (See Below Image)

  • Select Company And Press Enter. (See Below Screen.)

  • Press "Yes". (See Below Image)

  • Press "No". (See Below Image)

After Rewrite complete, Close your Tally. Then it will give your message for confirmation.

  • Click "Yes". (See Below Image)

Now your tally data has been successfully rewritten,  you can login your normal user and start working.

If any query and doubt you can contact our Support Team.

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