When you host your Tally on Cloud, one of the most important point to consider is "Tally on Cloud Network Bandwidth requirement", while accessing Tally or automatically getting your Exported Files from Tally on Cloud.

When do you use your Network Bandwidth :

  1. While your Tally users are using Tally on Cloud they connect the cloud using Remote Desktop Client.
    • Tally on Cloud has a quite lower Internet Speed requirement.
    • Remote Desktop Protocol needs speed of 50 to 100 Kbps per connection. 
    • So If you have 20 users who want to access Tally on Cloud from your Network, then you need approximately 2 Mbps of actual download speed.
    • How to find your actual Download and upload Speed :
      • Instead of going for some complex speed analysis calculations, you can do it by testing Speed of your Internet.
    • Important Note : Actual speed will be very significant in case of Tally on Cloud Access.
  2. While you are uploading Your Tally Data Files on your Cloud for Tally.
    • Tally Data uploading uses your upload bandwidth and not Download Bandwidth.
      • You need to know your actual Upload Speed for getting a better performance while uploading Tally Data.
    • Tally Data Uploading is some thing that is not done too often.
    • Time for Uploading your Data depends on size of your Data and Speed of your Internet.
    • Faster network will upload your data faster.
  3. While your Tally users are Exporting Files from their Tally on Cloud.
    • Files exported from Tally are generally in KBs on a few occasion it might go to few MB.
    • Again it depends on size of your exported file and Speed of your Internet.
  4. While Tally on Cloud Server is Backing up Data from Cloud to your Local Backup Device.
  5. While your Tally users are Printing on their Local Printers.
    1. Size of print job depends on content to print.
    2. It's better to calculate Print job time, based on speed of your Internet, by firing a test print.

Ideal calculation of Internet Bandwidth requirement :

  1. While calculating Bandwidth requirement, you should consider tasks that affect working of your users in real time.
  2. Eg. Tally Access & Exporting Files from Tally are specific tasks based on which you should plan your Download Bandwidth requirement.
  3. Tally Data Upload, Tally Data Backup & Tally Data Download are things that actually doesn't directly affect working of your Tally users.

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