Ubuntu Linux users or in that matter almost any Linux Distribution users can now run Tally ERP9 on Linux while on the run. Tally on Cloud service can be accessed using Remote Desktop Client, from Ubuntu or any other Linux Distribution.

Installing Remote Desktop Client on Ubuntu :

  • Install Remmina Remote Desktop Client from Ubuntu Software Centre.
  • Remmina is available for Linux distributions like Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, Mint, etc.

Connect Tally on Cloud Service using Remmina RDP Client :

  • After Installing Remmina, it will be available in Internet Category of Main Menu. (See image below)
    (Ubuntu unity users can find it by clicking with mouse on Ubuntu icon.)

  • Click on Remmina to start the Client application. (See image below)

  • Click on icon with "+" sign to create new connection. (See image above)
  • On the next screen Type a Name, Server name, User name and password to complete the connection credentials. (See image below)
    Name : Can be of your choice,
    Server : Can be IP address or Sub Domain name of Your Tally on Cloud
    User name and password 
    as created by you

  • Click on "Save" button to complete the connection creation process. (See image above)
  • Once Connection is created it will be available in Remmina for future use. (See image below)

  • Double click on the newly created connection. (See image above)
  • Hurray !!! You are now connected to Tally on Cloud in your Ubuntu or any other Linux Distribution. (See image below)

For any other queries please feel free to contact TallyonCloud Support Team.

Call us : 9512360094 95 96 | Email us : support@enjayworld.com | Whatsapp : 9375239225.