Files exported from Tally, are very important for users of Tally on Cloud. It is important that exported files should reach their desktop as soon as they are exported from Tally on Cloud. To do this we need to make sure our Google Drive Account Configuration is properly done.

Important Note :-


If you are selected for Export to Google Drive then you will get exported files in your configured Google drive.

Working with Separate Google Drive Account for Your Tally Users :

  • From your main Google Drive Account share Export Folder to the one created for all users to get their Exported files. (See image below)
  • Open your Main Google Drive Account in Web Browser and select folders that you want to share with other Google Drive Account for Your Tally Users.
  • Right Click with mouse and select "Share" option.

  • On the next screen type the name of Google Account, that is created for Your Tally Users. (See image below)

  • Now open your User's Google Drive Account to see shared folders. (See image below)

  • Congratulations !!! you have successfully created and setup a Separate Google Drive Account for Your Tally Users.
  • You can also setup This Google Drive Account in all Tally Users Desktop by installing Google Drive Client in their Windows PC.

Exporting Files in individual Folder in Google Drive for Your Individual Tally Users :

  • While export files in individual export folder to not showing to other users.
  • Login Google drive in Browser and Open "Export Folder".
  • Create individual folders for your Tally User.

  • Right Click with mouse and select "Share" option.

  • Type User's Google drive account for their individual folder.
  • Click on "Send".

  • Now open your User's Google Account to see Shared folders. (See image below)
  • Click on Open.

  • See in "Shared with Me".

Exporting Your Files from Tally on Cloud :

  • Exporting files from Tally on Cloud is done in same way as you do it in your Tally ERP9 on your Desktop.
  • You need to make sure that you select right Export Destination as "C:\Export\folder"
  • In below example, we will export a file, from Tally on Cloud, to "C:\Export\moin" (Not Case-Sensitive).

  • This file will go to your user's Google Drive Account. (See Image Below)

  • Now since the exported file is available in Main Google Drive
  • And since Export Location is shared with Separate Google Drive Account for your Tally users.

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