Objective :

Your Tally ERP Data is very important and equally sensitive. We understand that you need to secure it in various ways that can secure it from your users, viruses and Internet Hackers. Objective of this document is to let you know about security features offered by our Cloud Solution while its hosting your Tally and Tally Data.

Securing Tally Data from Users :

In a usual scenario, almost all Tally users have access to the Data Folder from where they can deliberately or accidentally delete of change Data. In case of Tally on Cloud, users are supposed to get access to Tally Interface only and not the Tally Data Folder. Only Tally on Cloud Administrators at your organisation is allowed to have an access to Tally Data.

Securing Tally Data from Virus Attack :

Most of the viruses, that could affect Tally Data are designed for Windows environment. Tally on Cloud is based on Linux environment so Windows Viruses cannot affect Tally Data.

Securing Tally Data from Hackers (Ransomeware) :

Hackers hunting for Tally Data are generally aware about the Windows environment. They try to create scripts that can get executed in a Windows environment. Such scripts are not executable in Linux environment on which Tally on Cloud Servers are based. The other way used by such hackers is through email attachments that get downloaded and executed unknowingly by users to affect Tally Data on their systems. Since Tally Data is not available on their local systems, it doesn't get affected.