We need to connect both WiFi and LAN at the same time because we need the LAN for internal connectivity and the WiFi for the Internet. At present, We have to switch off the LAN to connect to the WiFi and vice versa.

This article will help us to use both the LAN and WiFi simultaneously.

Tiguin allows multiple connections by default, but sometimes, we need to specify which one to use. In your comments, you have mentioned that you use LAN for the Intranet and WiFi for the Internet.

So, firstly Right click on Network symbol  in the Taskbar. Then, Edit the Connections...


Select Wired Connection and Click 'Edit' button.


Then, Go to IPv4 Settings, And Click on Routes...


Then, Check the 'Use this connection only for resources on its network' option. Click Ok to save.


Now you have to reconnect both Lan and wifi.

Now You can use both the LAN and WiFi simultaneously.