Uptime of any Cloud services is depended on three things

  1. The Data Center facilities where things are hosted.
  2. The Operating System which is installed on that data centers. 
  3. Connectivity @ the client side (that is your office)
We use few of the best Tier 4 Data Center facilities in India. So the first part I.e. Data Center is very very secured. 

Secondly our Serves are powered by Enjay Linux based Tally Cloud Server OS, which is one the most secured and fastest ways to run Tally ERP, it's tested by Tally Solutions Ltd also and featured on their website. Also as of March 31, 2017 we have more than 550 customers worldwide using our services. Stay absolutely assured about Operating system, No virus no slow down, no downtime.

Regarding Connectivity @ Client side is obviously in your hands. However because the solution requires very very low bandwidth, you can even run on your mobile's 3G connection.