Enjay offers two ways of implementing Tally on Cloud.

  • Tally on Cloud (on Enjay's Cloud)
  • Tally on private Cloud (that you can host it any where, in your premise or azure or AWS or any other data Center)
But first understand why would you require Enjay if you want to host it on Azure or AWS, because you can always install a Windows server do a RDP and use it - it's simple. Yes, it's simple but it is costly. Because when you use Windows servers to host Tally on Cloud, you have to Pay licenses to MS for Windows + Cal + RDS Cal + MS office. 

Where as Enjay's Tally Cloud is Entirely built on Tiguin Linux Technology, so no licensing required to be paid to MS or any other company (except Tally ERP License), Plus our solution is already tested by Tally Solutions Ltd and featured on their website. 

So, what does Enjay provide you if you want to host on Azure ? We will provide you an ISO file (of Tiguin Cloud Server), which you can install on your Azure/AWS/or any other  VM and then start using Tally ERP securely and safely. We can also help you with the installation and configuration if required.

Now let's understand how to decide between these two options (whether to use Enjay's Tally Cloud or go for private). 
  • If you want to keep servers in your own data Center in your own premises, then go for Pivate Tally Cloud.
  • If you already have spare servers in azure/AWS/Google or if you are getting at a very cheap price then you an use Private Tally Cloud.
In case you are worried about data security if you keep it on our servers, don't worry we provide you an NDA and SLA and our servers are hosted in few of the most data Center facilities in India.