Enjay's Tally Cloud is the pioneer solution in field of Tally ERP on Cloud. Here are major benefits or advantages:

  • This solution is tested By Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore and also featuring on Tally WebsiteClick here for Tally Solutions Website.
  • Everything is legal - confirmed. We have developed Linux based Tiguin Cloud OS, which is again tested by Tally Solutions. So there is no third party licensing required. Hence you don't require to Pay for  Windows Server licensing which otherwise applicable for all other Cloud providers.
  • Enjay is the ONLY Cloud provider giving you Tally ERP on Linux Platform. All other vendors are giving it on Windows Platform. Which means that License cost is applicable to them, If they are not charging its a separate story.  (please go thru the presentation given at the end of the article.  
  • We provide separate Virtual Machines to each and every customer (its not shared space, its a separate VM, with separate OS for each and every Customer.). This makes it very secured. 
  • Web Management Tools specifically designed for Tally ERP. We don't just give you hosting services with a RDP enabled server, but it is a complete eco-system with 

Please go thru following presentation to understand why Enjay's Tally Cloud is most economical.