There are two Server Variants of Tiguin Linux. Tiguin Application Server and Tiguin Cloud Server. TCS is same platform on which we run our Tally Cloud infrastructure. 

How to choose between TAS & TCS

You need TCS if following things are true. 

  • You have users who are going to use Tally ERP outside your office premises. 
  • You have users who use Export to Excel functions in Tally ERP and you don't want to spend on heavy MS office licensing.
  • Of course TCS can be used inside office also in case you want enhanced security for your Tally ERP. 

Benefits of TCS over TAS

  1. TCS supports Export to Excel without requiring you to buy MS Excel Licenses. It exports the Excel file, which you can then open in any other spreadsheet application. Read Note below.
  2. It has enhanced RDP protocol which is encrypted and has more compression, So that it is more suitable for WAN environment. 
  3. It provides a separate and secured Web Management Tool to manage users and other settings. 
  4. Users get access to Tally ERP only. No other application is allowed to users. This makes entire infra very secure. 
  5. One subscription can be installed on two Servers / PCs, so that there is redundancy and service does not go down. (In fact, its like having two licenses and two TAS in one cost.)
  6. Free Backup / Sync utility which replicates data/settings between both the servers. 

Note: On any platform Tally requires MS Excel file to be installed on the PC to export to excel in Tally ERP. Which means you will require MS-Excel license for each and every user. However when you use TCS, we have developed technology where MS Excel is not required to export to Excel file. this saves you licensing cost.