Of course yes. We have appointed Professional Trainers to provide Training to your users and your admins. The training is designed to manage a smooth migration from Windows to Linux platform. The purpose is to INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS.

The Training consists of 4 sessions of 180 minutes each. Each one is costing Rs. 5,000/- per session. Number of candidates is not limited. The topics of sessions are as follows  

  1. Enjay Tiguin OS
    1. Basic understanding of OS, its UI and main similarities and differences with Windows.
    2. User Management.
    3. Network configuration
    4. OS Patch Management.
    5. Installing Linux and windows apps.
    6. Printer and other device Installation and sharing.
    7. Sharing of Data files and folders across other PCs (Linux and windows)
    8. Keyboard shortcuts and other utilities.
  2. KingSoft Writer (replacement MS Word)
    1. Advantages of KingSoft Writer over Word
    2. Maintaining compatibility & Security.
    3. Common efficiency and time saving tips.
    4. Keyboard shortcuts.
    5. Common formatting and layout functions (like tables, Page layouts, fonts, paragraphs etc)
    6. Printing and page setup tips.
    7. Working in a team with KingSoft Office.
  3. KingSoft Spreadsheet. (replacement for MS Excel)
    1. Advantages of KingSoft Spreadsheet over Excel
    2. Maintaining compatibility & Security. 
    3. Common efficiency and time saving tips.
    4. Keyboard shortcuts.
    5. Formatting, layout, and UI tricks.
    6. Formula and database tricks like sort and filter, lookup etc.
    7. Pivot table and its use in common office work.
  4. Thunderbird Email Client. (replacement of MS Outlook) 
    1. Migrating your emails from Outlook to Thunderbird.
    2. Understanding key differences and similarities.
    3. Advantages of Mozilla Thunderbird over Outlook
    4. Using search, quick filter, smart folders and rules.
    5. Using Thunderbird Calendar.
    6. Using email templates to increase efficiency.