Firstly Enjay Tiguin Linux is based on a very robust technology. So it does not crash frequently like other popular operating systems. So don't worry about this. However in case of unfortunate event of the Tiguin getting crashed, its very easy to recover it. There are more than few ways to do it.

Always call Enjay Support Team, so that they can guide you about the shortest way to do the same.  

  1. Connect the Hard-disk to other Tiguin Linux or any other Linux OS and you can recover all the data. 
  2. Boot the PC / Server with any Live CD (preferably Ubuntu) you can recover your files from Tiguin hard-disk. 
  3. Your Windows PC will not be able to detect the hard-disk partition by default, obviously because it does not have necessary file-system drivers. 
  4. In case problem is not in the hdd but some other component (e.g.: Motherboard), Just connect the hard-disk to any other PC and request another License Key from Enjay Team and it works.