TCS Private Tally Cloud Server.

TCS is a Linux based OS, specifically designed to run Tally ERP in Cloud environment. Enjay Tiguin Linux is the only tested Linux platform by Tally Solutions Ltd. for running Tally. More than 250 customers are already running their Tally ERP on this solution. This same platform is used to power our Tally Cloud Solutions also. Now you can have the same Cloud Platform to run Tally ERP 9 from your own Private Cloud. 

Private Tally Cloud Advantages & benefits

  • Linux Powered OS, so no exorbitant fees in terms of OS Licensing & CAL or RDS cal.
  • No user based licensing applicable. No CAL/RDSCAL applicable.
  • Use any  regular RDP client to access the services, which means you can access it anywhere, anytime, any device any Operating system. 
  • Optimised RDP provides better compression and speed. Works on 50-150 kbps bandwidth per user. 
  • Completely secured working with optional Disaster recovery solution. You get subscription to install the OS on two Servers. 
  • Supports remote printing
  • Supports bar-code scanners @ the client side. 
  • Users run only (and only) Tally ERP from the Cloud servers and have no other access, making it most secured environment. 

Private Tally Cloud - How it works:

  • We provide our Tiguin Cloud Server (TCS) OS which you can install on your server hardware or even virtual machine (supports all popular VM Platforms)
  • Your Team members use regular RDP Client (from any OS) to access the server.