Note:- This document will guide you for How to Migrate Microsoft Outlook Data and Contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird in Enjay Tiguin Linux.

Outlook Data (.pst) Backup:-

  • You Can see here my outlook mailbox.
  • Also there are so many sub-folders in my mailbox.

  • Go to Tools => Click on Account Settings.

  • Click on Data Files Tab.
  • Select your Mail ID Data Path
  • Click on Open Folder.
  • Close Your Outlook other wise your data (.pst) will not copy properly.

  • You can see here my Outlook pst size is 1.7 G.B.
  • Copy your pst file to your Backup.

Outlook Contacts Backup:-
  • Start your Outlook and go to File => Click on Import and Export.

  • Select Export to a File and click on Next.

  • Select Comma Separated Values and click on Next.

  • Select Contacts and click on Next.

  • Click on Browse Button.

  • Click on Documents.
  • Type contact in File Name and click on OK.

  • Click on Next Button.

  • Click on Finish Button.

  • Go to Documents and copy contact.csv file to your backup.

Update Thunderbird Migration Tool in Tiguin:-

  • Go to Main Menu => System Tools => Tiguin Update Manager.

  • Select Thunderbird-Tool and click on Apply.
  • After Installing the update close Update Manager.

Email Account Configuration:-

  • Go to Main Menu => Internet Thunderbird Mail.

  • Click on Skip this and use my existing email.

  • Enter Your Name, Email Address and Password.
  • Enter only that Email Address which backup you want to restore, if you will use different email address then your backup will not restore.

  • My Domain is in Gmail account so it have auto detected.
  • If you have other domain then click on Manual Config.

  • Enter your Incoming, Outgoing server details, Port, SSL, Authentication and click on Done.

  • Now you can see here my email account is configured in Thundebird.

Outlook Data Migration to Thunderbird:-

  • Copy your .pst file and .csv file to Desktop from your Backup.

  • Right click on.pst file and click on Rename.

  • Change your pst file name as Outlook.pst and click on OK.

  • Go to Main Menu => Internet => Thunderbird Migration Tool.

  • Check mark on E-mail Migration.
  • Click on Browse Icon.

  • Click on Desktop select Outlook.pst and click on Open.

  • Check mark on Contact Migration.
  • Click on Browse Icon.
  • Click on Desktop select contact.csv and click on Open.
  • Click on Apply.

  • Now you can see here your Data Migration process is running so please wait.
  • My Outlook.pst file size is 1.7 G.B. so it have took 35 minutes for migration process.

  • Now you can see here you data migration process is completed successfully.
  • Please read the instruction and close.

  • Now you can see here my all email and sub-folders is available in y mailbox.

Import Contacts in Address Book:-

  • Click on Address Book.

  • Go to Tools and click on Import.

  • Select Address Books and click on Next.

  • Select Text File and click on Next.

  • Don't select your contact.csv from Desktop because we have already migrated it to Migrated.csv.
  • Click on your profile folder in Places.
  • Double click on Thunderbird.

  • Change LDIF File type to Comma Separated.
  • Select Migration.csv and clock on Open.

  • Click on OK.

  • Click on Finish.

  • Now you can see here my all contacts is Imported.