Supported Hardware In Enjay Tiguin Linux:-

  • We are using Ubuntu 12.04 as base OS in Tiguin so you can find your Server H/W is supported in Tiguin or not.

HP Printers and Scanners In Enjay Tiguin Linux:-

  • HP Linux Imaging and Printing provides you supported Printers and Scanners list.

Supported Printers In Enjay Tiguin Linux:-

  • Most of the Multifunction devices of above brands are also supported. It is recommended to consult Tiguin Support Team for compatibility check.

  • Open Printing provides you Supported Printer List You have to select Manufacturer, Model and then click on show printer. 

Supported Scanners in Enjay Tiguin Linux:-

  • These lists provide information about the Scanners that are supported by the latest stable release of SANE.