This article will help you to configure Scanner locally and as network in Enjay Tiguin OS.

Go to Main menu and Graphics.

  • Click on Simple Scan.

  • First Check scanner is detecting or not.
  • Click on Document and Click on Preferences.

  • Scanner will be show here.

  • Click on Scan.

Configure Network Scanner in Enjay Tiguin OS.

Here are the steps to installing and accessing a network scanner from Tiguin OS.

We need to edit the /etc/default/saned file, and set the RUN variable to yes.

  •  sudo nano /etc/default/saned


# Set to yes to start saned


Let's edit the /etc/sane.d/net.conf file, and add the IP address of the server where the scanner is installed:

  • sudo nano /etc/sane.d/net.conf

  Restart saned service.

  • sudo service saned restart

Now we can open "Simple Scan" (or other scanning utility) and start scanning documents. We can rotate, crop, and save the resulting image: