Enjay Tiguin OS is available in two variants:

  • Enjay Tiguin for Desktop
    • Optimised for Desktop computing i.e. single user.
    • Usage Scenario: When there are individual desktops and apps are accessed locally.

  • Enjay Tiguin Application Server 
    • Optimised to be used as Application Server (similar to the way Windows Terminal Server is used.)
    • All users will logon using RDP protocol to the Server. 
    • Almost all the Thin Clients available in market can connect to Enjay Tiguin Application Server OS.
    • Usage Scenario: When there are thin Clients, or when the PCs are old and new apps to be used.

Note :- Enjay Tiguin OS is not designed for hard-core server type functioning i.e. it is not suitable for being used as a web-server, file-server, or any kind of service which provides background services. It is typically designed to optimise performance for Desktop users. Whether it may be a single Desktop Users or multiple Desktop users (as in the case of Application Server.)

How to rich Register Tiguin:-
  • Go to Main Menu => System Tools => Register Tiguin.

Buid Version of Tiguin:-

  • You can see here which is the Build Version of Enjay Tiguin Linux.

Enjay Tiguin Demo:-

  •  After Installing the Tiguin it will work as Tiguin Apllication Server for 15 Day's Demo.
  • You can see here Multi User Demo Licensed.

Registration of Tiguin:-

  • For register Tiguin you have to mail information of this on following Email ID:-  support@enjayworld.com 
    • Your Company Name:-
    • Person Name:-
    • Email ID:-
    • Mobile No.:-
    • License Type:- Desktop / Application Server
    • System Mac ID
  • You can see here how to find your System Mac ID.

  • After registration complete on Tiguin Online Registration Server you will receive a main on given Email ID.
  • Click on Register Online so it will register Tiguin from Internet Automatically.

  • If your Tiguin System is not connected with Internet then Insert Key which you have received in Email and click on Register.