Note:- Internet connection is compulsory required for installing Tiguin Online Updates.

Important Note :

  • Tiguin Update Manager is meant for providing Bug fixes, Security Fixes, Application Addons, etc. by Tiguin Development team.
  • "Tiguin Update Manager" application connects with Tiguin Update server to provide different updates for different purposes.
  • Tiguin Update Manager can be used to update older Build Version of Tiguin to have capabilities of newer Build Version of Tiguin OS. But recommended method of upgrading to a newer Build Version is to reinstall the system after following a proper backup plan as this method of upgrade is found to be more secure and less time consuming in certain cases.

  • Go to Main Menu => System Tools => Tiguin Update Manager.


Available Updates:-

  • Click on Available so you can find the updates which is not installed on your Tiguin System.

  • If you want to know information about update then select the update and click on description.

  • Select the Update and click on Apply.
  • I am installing Tiguin-System-Update.

  • After installing the Update it will prompt following message.

Applied Updates:-

  • If you wan to know how many Updates you have installed then click on Applied.
  • I have installed five Updates.

  • You can also Re-Apply your Update if its not properly installed.

Advanced Option:-

  • Tiguin Updates are downloading every time from internet so if you are using more then one Tiguin on your network then its very useful.
  • On Advanced option you can create a backup of your Tiguin Updates from one Tiguin System and restore it on other Tiguin Systems¬† by two different ways Local or Network.

From Local:-

  • Click on Backup and select all Updates then click on Create.

  • Your backup file will Generate on your Desktop so copy it (Using Ext. Drive or Network)¬† on other Tiguins Desktop on which have you want to restore it..

  • On other Tiguin System click on Restore then tick mark on Local and click on browse.

  • Select the backup file from desktop and click on Open.

  • Click on Restore so it will install all Updates.

From Network:-

  • You can directly install updates from your Network Tiguin machine on which have you installed Updates to other Tiguin System.
  • Click on Restore and tick mark on Network.
  • Enter IP address User Name and Password of your Tiguin Machine on which you have installed updates.
  • Then click on Restore.