Mouse Cursor Issue with Windows 2012 RDP.


  • Whenever we take the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) of the Windows 2012  from any Linux machine , we can not see the mouse cursor.
  • We can not change the background of rdp user session. Do not have option of Personalize.


Mouse Cursor:

  • Go to Control Panel of Windows 2012 Server Machine.
  • Open the Mouse option. Click on Pointers Tab
  • In the bottom you can see the the Enable Pointer Shadow option. 
  • Uncheck this options.

  • Click on Apply button and OK.
  • You can see the Mouse cursor in rdp session.

Desktop Background.

  • There is option in Rdp connection to change desktop Background. Uncheck that option so user can change the background.

  • But when we right click on desktop to change background, we can not found the option Personalize to change desktop background.

  • For that You have to install Desktop Experience Features in Server.
  • Go to Server Manager -> Click ON Add Role and Features -> Before You begin. Next ->Installation Type. Click Next -->server Selection. Click Next. -> Server Roles Click Next. ->Features
  • Features:
    • Select User Interfaces and Infrastructure (Installed). expand this Option.
    • There is three Options available.
      1. Graphical management Tools and Infrastructure
      2. Desktop Experience
      3. Server Graphical Shell
  • Check mark the option Desktop Experience.

  • Click Next.
  • Installed it and reboot the server.
  • After reboot take the rdp connection with normal user and check.
  • Now you can find the option personalize.
  • You can change the desktop background.