This article will help you to install Enjay Tiguin along with Windows as a Dual Boot.

To Make Unallocated free space in windows.

In the Disk Management tool, right click on the drive which you want to partition and select shrink volume. In my case, I Delete the partition to make some free space (Unallocated Space):

You can leave the Unallocated Space as it is. We shall use it while installing Tiguin.

Installing Tiguin alongside Windows.

It’s time to install Tiguin. Make sure you have either a Tiguin Installation DVD or USB.

Make appropriate BIOS Settings for booting your system using a USB or DVD as per your requirements

Plug in the USB or DVD writer and boot the system from it.

Once you have booted from the live USB or Tiguin DVD, Important Screen that we need to pay attention is the screen for selecting Installation Type (Ref. Below Image). Select Option "Something else"

Important Note :

  • Option "Some Thing Else" in Installation type is only selected when we want to create custom partitions with specific size.
  • Default Partitioning Scheme will select entire Disk for default number of partitions.
  • Here we are selecting it because we want to use the Free Space on Hardisk for installation and not the entire Hard disk.

Remember we had created some free space beforehand? We shall use the free space to create Root and Swap. Select the free space and click on the Add Button.

It will provide you with option to create Linux partition. We are creating the Swap area partition.

This time use the file type as Swap area. Suggestible swap size is double of RAM.

Choose the Free space, Click on Add Button.

Select Primary Partition type and alot the Size.

Select Ext 4 as file System type and / (means root) as the mount point.

Clicking on OK in previous step will bring you to the partition screen.

Once you are ready with Root, Swap, click on Install Now:

Well, you have almost won the battle. You can smell victory now.

Next you will be asked to set username password etc. Basically, you just need to click Continue.

That’s it.