This article will help you for how to share folder and how to permanent mout network shared folder to Tiguin Linux.

How to Share Folder:-

  • Please check your internet connectivity before installing the update.
  • Go to Main Menu => Syatem Tools => Tiguin Update Manager.

Mount network share permanently on Tiguin.

  • Select Windowslike_network_share_asnd_mount and click on Apply.
  • After installing the update close Tiguin Update Manager.

  • Go to Main Menu => Accessories => File Manager.

  • I want to create a new folder on my Desktop so i have done right click and create it.
  • If you have already a folder then go to their desired location.

  • Select and right click on that folder and go to create share.

  • If you want to create public share then tick mark on Public and click on Apply.

  • If you want cretae private share then tick mark on Private.
  • Specify userwise RO (Read Only) or RW (Read Write Permission which you want then click on apply.

Mount network shared folder permanently on Tiguin.

Note : Don't mount network share on Desktop.

Create a Folder anywhere except desktop, in which you want to mount network share folder.

  • Right click on folder on which you have to mount your network shared folder.
  • Go to Network Share and click on Mount.

  • Enter your network server IP Address, then
  • Select share folder name,  Enter user-name and password.
  • Click on Save.

You will get prompt of mounted successfully.

  • If you want to unmount permanent share then right click on that folder and go to Mount Option and click on Unmount.