This Article will help you for Authenticate Tiguin Linux on Winodws Domain.


  • Please make sure your Domain IP Address is not conflicting in Network.
  • Your Domain admin user and password required for add Tiguin to Domain Member.
  • Go to Main Menu => System Tools => Tiguin Update Manager.

Installation of Domain Connectivity Update:-

  • Please Make sure that your internet connection is working or in Tiguin.
  • Go to Main Menu => System Tools => Tiguin Update Manager.
  • Slect Tiguin Domain Connectivity and click on Apply.

  • If you want to check that your update is installed or not then go to Apllied tab and its installed or not.

Domain Connectivity:-
  • Go to Main Menu => System Tools => Domain Connectivity.

  • Then enter your Domain server's IP Address, Domain Name, Administrator user and Password then click on Join Domain.

  • After connecting Domain it will prompt this message.

  • Reboo your Tiguin Linux

  • Enter your Domain User and click on Login.
  • First Domain Name \ Domain User Name.

  • Enter Password and click on Login.