This article will help you to enable auto save Email address in Thunderbird address book.

Mozilla Thunderbird by default adds the outgoing email addresses to address book. But if it not save automaticaly then you have to enable the automatic addition of outgoing email address then you can use the Thunderbird Options menu. To turn off this feature, click the Tools menu and select Options from the menu list. 

  • Click on Edit menu and Preferences.



  • Navigate to Composition tab and then select the Addressing sub tab. This would display the following options.


  • Tick mark the checkbox with label as Automatically add outgoing e-mail addresses to my:.

  • Then Select Personal address book from Drop down. And then click OK button to confirm and save the changes.



If there is no any address book showing so create new Address Book.

  • Click on Address Book.

  • Go to FIle -> New -> Address Book.
  • Provide any name for address book.

Then its created then do the priviouse step of this document. Select Address book in Addressing Tab.