This guide will help you how to setting up Tally Data in Enjay Tigui Linux:-

Setting up Tally Data Local :-

  • Go to Main Menu => Tally => Manage Tally.

  • Right Click on Data icon and click on Set Location.

  • For copy your Tally data on Tiguin Linux locally select Local and click on Next.

  • Click on Open.

  • After clicking on Open following patch will be open in File Manager copy your Tally Data here.

  • After copy the data double click on your Desktop Tally icon and run Tally.

Setting up Network Data for Tally:-

  • If you want access your Tally data from network location.
  • Then Go to Main Menu => System Tools => Tiguin Update Manager.

  • Then Click on Available, Select Tallymanager_network_data_mount and click on Apply.

  • After installing the update Open Tally Manager.
  • Then right click on Data icon and click on Set Location.

  • Click on Network and click on Next.

  • Provide information of your Server IP, User Name and Password then click on Connect.
  • Then double click on Tally Desktop icon and run Tally.

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