These release notes has been published on 22-May-2014, after verifying entire OS. Below are the details of Enjay Tiguin OS. 

Enjay Tiguin Version : Version 1.0

Build Version : 21052014:1700

Kernel Version : 3.2.0-49-generic

Build OS : Debian

Package Management system : Debian

Repository : Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)

Base Window Manager : Openbox 3.5.0

Desktop Environment : LXDE (Lubuntu)

Integrated Basic Applications :

Office Suite : Kingsoft Office 2013

Web Browser : Firefox 22

Email Client : Thunderbird 17.0.7

Tally Manager : 1.0

Tested : ok

Release Date : 22-May-2014

Addons available : Yes (List embedded at the bottom of this document)

Below are the features and bug fixes in new build version Release of Enjay Tiguin OS

Details Of over all Features Additions and Bugs fixes are listed below.

  1. Tally Manager :

    1. Inbuilt Latest Tally Manager Console. (No more patches needed)

    2. Display Messages while Tally Manager is processing different user requests.

    3. Tally Data Mounting issue of special characters in share name is resolved.

  2. Simple Backup-Network

    1. Mount windows type public shares with full public permissions

  3. Public Location

    1. Create Public Shares

    2. Mount Public Shares

    3. Create Public local folders

  4. USB device restriction

    1. Block / Unblock USB device usage

  5. Office suite

    1. Kingsoft Office is now mainstream Office suite.

    2. Libreoffice is discarded.

    3. Kingsoft Office Writer, Spreadsheet & Presentation software are available out of the box.

  6. Online Patching System

    1. Online Patching system is built-in.

    2. Online Patching system now provides facility to Reinstall patches

  7. SIP Client

    1. Zoiper SIP Client is now built-in

  8. SAP Client

    1. Available as built-in

Addons :

  1. Tiguin Update - 2
  2. Ram Extension

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