A P Doshi & Company, a Chartered Accountant firm in Mumbai, switches over to Enjay Tiguin Linux and saves Licensing costs.

Highlights of the Solution

  • Tiguin Application Server is used instead of Terminal server, thus saving huge Licensing, CALl & TSCAL costs.
  • Various versions of Tally run from Tiguin Application Server (RDP Server).
  • User migration is fast, because of simple UI of Enjay Tiguin.
  • Both Local users and Remote users are easily able to connect Enjay Tiguin Application Server using Builtin RDP and VPN servers.
  • Software Licensing Cost is lowered down drastically to save on Client Access & Terminal Server Licenses of MS Windows.

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The Scenario
Scenario is similar to a usage of a typical Chartered Account's Firm. Typical Software Applications & Devices were used at the place.
  • Tally ERP 9 - Accounting Software
  • Tally 7.2 - Accounting Software
  • Office Suite
  • Email Client
  • Internet Explorer
  • Acrobat PDF
  • Drop Box
  • TAX base LAN
  • Foxpro based Software
  • Computation VAT
  • VPN
OS & Hardware used for catering those applications were as follows
  • Windows Server OS was used as Terminal Server and Tally license Server.

  • Thin Client machines were connecting to Windows Server as Terminal Server.

  • Tally was also used on other Desktop systems and were connecting to windows Server to get access of Tally license Server.

The Challenge

Challenges for Migration to Enjay Tiguin Application Server OS

  • User acceptance, as always was the foremost challenge as users would now run Tally from a Tiguin Linux System.
  • Some application were "Only Windows" type of application so it was necessary to identify how many windows systems were un-avoidable.
  • Some users were going to remotely connect to Tiguin Application Server from another branch using VPN.

The Solution
Solution made available with Enjay Tiguin Application Server
  • Tiguin Application server is used to serve Tally Application to clients in network. Now they are easily running Tally ERP 9 on Linux.
  • Tiguin Application server is also acting as a Tally License Server so that other desktop tally users can use the Tally License.
  • "Only Few" Windows systems were provided to few users who were using "Only Windows" type of applications.
  • Multiple Tally Versions were made available on Same Tiguin Application Server So different users can use different Tally versions while connecting through RDP connection.
  • Enjay Tiguin Application Server is well equipped with VPN Server that can be connected by any Windows or Linux clients from remote locations. So connectivity by remote users is also done easily.
  • Tiguin Linux, since it is available with huge support for almost all Printers used by Indian type of customers, makes it easy to Print from Tally on Linux.

We have had benefits on following points after Implementation of Enjay Tiguin Linux OS.

          • We are able to lower the Licensing cost (of course once the adoption is completely done). it will reduce entire cost of Client Access License & Terminal Server License.
          • Efficiency till now looks to be good, but I need more time to evaluate till the complete adoption is done.
          • With the wad option happening. This will enable us to secure future scalability with software licensing cost at the least.
          • Look and feel of the OS, since it is pretty similar to the windows, enables user acceptance at its best.
          • We still have a suggesstion for This solution's provider to rather create an ecosystem that could easily drive the entire adoption process than just implementing the solution, as it will lessen the headache as well as be a good value addition for people like us.

     Mitesh Kataria

  Owner of the Company