SAP GUI transparent issue on Windows 2008 server Terminal (RDP)

  • There is settings of SAP GUI.We are using SAP 7.3 here.
  • Server is : Windows 2008 Standard ,SP1 , 64 Bit version.

SAP Signature Design on WTS

  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 and later introduced the SAP Signature Design and, as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.20, this becomes the default design. 
  • The SAP Signature Design makes higher demands on resources (memory, CPU and graphic resources) than other designs (Enjoy or Classic).
  • This may have a negative effect when you use the SAP GUI on Terminal Servers. 
  • To preserve the graphic resources in particular, we recommend when using the SAP Signature Design on Terminal Servers that you deactivate the transparent frame ("shadow frame") that is drawn around the SAP Logon and the main window of the SAP GUI.

Steps to deactivate Transparent Frame of SAP 

  1. Click on Left Corner Sap Button or click right mouse button in task bar.
  2. Go to Options and change the theme.
  3. Do not take SAP Signature theme.Any other theme will work.