1.  Right click on “My Computer”.

  • Go to “Manage” (Server Manager).

2.   Click on  “Roles”.

  • Click on “Add Roles”

3.  Click on “Next” in Before You Begin Wizard.

4.  Select “Remote Desktop Services” from Select Server Roles.

  • Click on “Next”.

5.  Click on “Next”.


6.  Select “Remote Desktop Session Host” and “Remote Desktop Licensing”.

  • Click on “Next”

7.   Click on “Next”.

8.  Select “Do not Require Network Level Authentication”.

  • Click on “Next”.

9.  Select “Per User” on Specify Licensing Mode Wizard.

  • Click on “Next”.

10.  Add “Everyone” User for Allow Access To This RD Session Host Server.

  • Click on “Next”.

11.  Select Below Option from Configure client Experience Wizard.

  • Audio & Video Playback.

  • Audio Redirection Playback.

  • Desktop Composition.

  • Click on “Next”.

12.  Check mark on “Configure Discovery Scope for this License Server”.

  • Select “This  Workgroup”. If there is Domain  Then Select This Domain.

  • Click on “Next”.

13.   Click on “Install” from Confirm installation Selections Wizard.

14. Please wait while Installing Remote Desktop Services.


15. Installation Result Wizard.

  •  Click on “Close” button

  •  It will ask for Restart the Server. Click on “Yes” button.

After Restart Server pl do the following setting in Server 2008.

1.   Go to Start

  • Administrative Tools.

  • Remote Desktop Services.

  • Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.


2.  Right Click on “RDP-Tcp” Go to “Properties”.

3.   Click on “Security Tab”.

  • Click on “Add” Button

4.  Type “Everyone” User And Click on “Check Names”.

  • Click on “Ok” Button.

5.   Select “Everyone” and Tick mark on “Allow Full Control”.

  • Click on “Apply” and “OK”.