1.  Right click on “My Computer”.

  • Go to “Manage” (Server Manager).

 2.  Click on Roles.

  • Click on Add Roles in right pane.

 3. Select Server Roles wizard.

  • Select Terminal services then Next.

 4. Introduction to Terminal Service.

  • Click on Next.

 5. Select Role Services wizard.

  • Select Terminal Server & TS Licensing.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall Applications for Compatibility wizard.

  • Click on Next.

            7. Specify Authentication Method for Terminal Server.

  • Tick on "Do not Require Network Lever Authentication" 
  • Click on Next.

           8. Specify Licensing Mode.

  •  Select Per User License Mode.

          9. Select User Group Allowed Access to This Terminal Server wizard.

  • Add Everyone.

 10. Configure Discovery Scope for TS Licensing Wizard

  • Select this Workgroup.
  • Click on Next.

 11. Confirm Installation Selection Wizard.

  • Click on Install button

         12. Please wait while Installing Terminal Services. 

         13. Installation Result Wizard.

  • Click on Close button.
  • It will ask for Restart the Server. Click on Yes button.


Security Settings for Normal user to log on in Windows 2008 server.

●     Go to Start → Administrative Tools → Terminal Services

●     Terminal Services Configuration.

16.  Go to  RDP-Tcp Properties.


         17. Click on Security Tab.

  • Click on Add.


       18. Type Everyone and click on Check Names and Click Ok.


       19. Select Everyone User and give full permission to Everyone user.



Local Security Policy settings.

Go To Start → Administrative Tool → Local Security Policy → Local Policy.

User Rights Assignment:

·  Allow log on Locally: Add Everyone.

·  Allow Log on Through Remote Desktop Services: Add Everyone.

Security Option :

·  Accounts: Limit local account use of blank password to console log on only: Disable.