Getting Started

This guide will help you to easily work with Enjay VLX+ Thin Client. So now easily setup Enjay VLX+ and get started with your RDP connections.

Quick installation guide

Connect the peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, screen wire, power adapter, then turn on power switch to Enjay VLX+ Thin Client. 

The following interface will appear for setup Enjay VLX+

  • Click on Device Setup.

  • Click on Network.
  • Give static IP and Subnet Mask and click “Save”.

  • Click on Device Settings to Choose the corresponding resolution, and click “Save”.

  • Click on Back Button.
  • Select Enter host computer IP address & Select Auto Connect option.
  • Type Server IP.

  • Click Connect Option.

     Enter User Name & Password,

     After That you will get windows screen.

For Connect VLX+ with XP/win7 so pl see the another artical.