How to connect RemoteFX in Tornado OS?


Ø Prerequisites:

· Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit Server is compulsory for server OS.

· Please visit below link for how to install RemoteFX in Windows 2008 server.

· Its require GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) on Server.


Ø Steps to configure RemoteFX connection

Step: 1: Open System Manager.

· You have icons of System Manager on Desktop of Tornado os.

· Double click on System Manger icon.

· Screen-1.





Step 2: Open Enjay Tc Connect.

· Here is the system Manager Dialogue box.

· Click on Enjay Tc Connect.

· Screen-2





Step -3: Open New Connection.

· You will get the following dialogue box.

· Now click on New button.

· Screen-3


Step 4: Protocol Selection.

· For Remote-FX connection check mark on RFX (RemoteFX Protocol).

· Screen-4

Step 5: Fill RFX details.

· Here fill the necessary details of RFX connection.


· Click on Save button.





Step 6: Click on Connect button


· As you click on save button, you will get ETC connect window.


· Here, we can see the connection that we have recently created.

· Select this existing connection and click on Connect button.

· You will get the remote desktop connection of windows server.



How to start Windows RemoteFX connection on Startup.

· You can also put this connection on Startup.

· Whenever user start the Thin-Client machine, it will connect to RemoteFX connection automatically.

· Click on Add/Remove Startup.



· You will get the following confirmation message.

· Click on Ok button.




·You can see the following screen in.

· Where ‘s’ indicate that this connection set on startup.




· Reboot the Thinclinet machine.

· As it starts ,you will get the connectivity of RFX server.


How to create desktop shortcut of RemoteFX connection?:

· Select the existing RemoteFX connection.

· Click on Create Launcher as shown in screen-10


· You will get the Desktop Launcher dialogue box.

· You can see one check mark option before RFX connection name just checks marks that option to create desktop shortcut.

· Screen-11

· As you click on Create button, you will get the following confirmation message.

· Click on OK button.







· You can see the Shortcut icons on Torndo OS desktop..

· Double click to connect the RDP server icon. You will get server desktop.