How to Install Dot Matrix /LPT Printer in JetDirect Port Tornado Os?

· This is the desktop of Tornado OS.

· Double click on System Manager Icon.

· Screen-1





You will get the System Manager.

· Click on Manage Printer.

· Screen-2





· As you click on Manage Printer, You will get the following dialogue box.Screen-3

· Check mark on Jet-direct.

· Screen-3


As you click on Jet-direct option, you will get the screen-4.

· Select on LPT Port and click on Activate button.

· If you have USB printer, select USB and click on Activate button.

· Screen-4.





· So you will get the following screen message.Screen-5

· LPT port activated.

· Click on OK button.

· Screen-5.


Server side Settings:


· There are some settings required on server side for jet-direct printing.

· Here we are taking TVS MSP 255 Dot matrix printer.

· First do the normal printer installation on your server.

· And also check the test print for driver compatibility.

· Now ,Click on start à Settingsà Printers and Faxes.

· Screen-6


· Now here you can view the installed printer list.

· Right Click on TVS MSP 255.

· Now, Click on Properties.

· Screen-7


Now Click on “Ports” Tab.

· Clink on “Add Port”.

· Screen-8



Now Select Standard TCP/IP Port.

· Screen-9


· Now Click on New Port.

· You will get the following Screen-

· Give the Thin client IP.

· Click on Next button.

· Screen-10





· Now Select Standard.

· Select Hewlett Packard Jet Direct.

· Click on Next Button.





· As you click on Next button you will get the following screen.

· Just click on Finish button.

· Screen-12.





· Now you have Printer Port dialogue box.

· Click on Close Button.

· Screen-13


· Now, You have printer proprieties dialogue box.

· Click on Apply & OK.

· Screen-14.




· Now, check the test print.

· If still not printing, keep the printer on and reboot the client machine and check test print.