How to Install Local Printer in Tornado OS

(HP-1018 and 1020 Plus)

  • This is the desktop of Tornado OS.

  • Double click on System Manager Icon.

  • Screen-1

  • You will get the System Manager.

  • Click on Manage Printer.

  • Screen-2

  • As you click on Manage Printer, You will get the following dialogue box.

  • Check mark on Local Printers.Screen-3

  • You will get the following screen.-4

  • You can see HP-1018 is not seen here in printer list.

  • Screen-4

  • Now, Just attached the printer and power on.

  • So you will get the following screen message.

  • Screen-5

  • You can see the following screen within few seconds.

  • Your printer will be in listed. If not then restart the client machine.

  • Screen-6

  • Select the printer and right click on it and go to it’s Properties.Screen-7

  • Click on print test page.

  • You will get the following screen.

  • Click on OK button.Screen-8

  • Your print will come.Screen-9

  • You can see the Printer State: Idle –ready to print .

  • Means your printer will work properly.

Note: If still printer is not work, delete this auto detected printer and add it manually.

Follow the steps to add it manually.

Manually Printer Installation Procedure:

  • Click on Add button

  • Screen-10

  • You can see the following screen-11.

  • Select your printer. Here we have taken HP-1018 printer.

  • There is no need to change by default it will take.

  • In connection : HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP)

  • Keep this settings and click on Forward button.

  • Screen-11

  • As you click on forward button you will get the following screen.

  • Screen-12

  • As you click on forward button ,you will get the following screen.

  • Click on Apply button.

  • Screen-13

  • As you click on Apply button, you will get the following screen.

  • Screen-14

  • Click on Print Test Page button.

  • You will get the print.

Now, how can you access this printer in Windows?

  • Just like Network printer.

  • First you have to know Thinclinet IP address.

  • Go to run menu and type the \\thinclientip and press enter.

  • You can see the available printer in Thinclinet.

  • Right click on Printer and click on Connect button and provide the required driver. Your printer will be installed in your server.

  • Give the test print and check it.

  • You will get the print from any network machine.

In case of HP 1020 PLUS printer:

  • Hp 1020 printer has two model one is normal HP 1020 and Second is HP 1020 plus.

  • We have to select proper driver for it.

How to select proper driver?

  • Go to System Manger Manage printer Select Auto installed or manually installed printer HP 1020Right Click on go to it’s proprieties.

  • Screen-15

  • In Description :write down windows driver name.

  • You can see it in Server machine. Windows Driver name.

  • On Server Machine: Go to StartSettingPrinter and faxesHp 1018 and go to its proprieties.

  • Screen-16.


  • Here you can see the Make and Model option Click on Change button.

  • You will get the Choose Driver Option Select Printer from Database.

  • By default HP is there we need to just click on Forward button.

  • Screen-17


  • You will get the following Screen-18


  • Here we have to select proper printer driver.

  • Select HP 1020 Plus and click on Forward button.

  • You will get the Following Screen

  • Select the Following option:

    • Use the New PPD(Postscript Printer Description) as is.

  • Click on Apply button.


  • First locally check the print.

  • Give the test print from the thin client machine.

For Session printing:

  • Printer driver must be installed on Server.

  • Now connect remote desktop to server using thin client machine.

  • You can see this printer as a session.

For Session printing in windows 2008 server:

  • Open the system Manager Click on TC Connect

  • Edit the Existing Rdp Connection

  • Go to Advance Tab.

  • Check Mark the options Windows 2008 server in Printer mapping as shown in following screen.