Installing Printer in different Scenario:

  • First you have to know how you want to use the printer in thin client.

  • Below instruction will help you to install printer in Tornado OS.

Local Printer:

  • If we have PPD file (driver file for Linux) for printer.

  • We can use it in RDP and also from any network machine.

  • we can take print out from Tornado local application (Firefox & Libre Office).

  • Suppose we have Remote Server (Out of Office) and want to take print on local Printer attached on thin-client machine.

  • Canon LBP2900 is special case and we have to install locally.

  • For host base printer always install local printer.
    E.g.: HP 1005., HP-1018, HP-1020, HP-1020 plus

  • Most of all MFD Printers supported.

Jet-direct Printer:

  • If we want print only from rdp (Terminal Servers).

Network Printer:

  • If you want to give print

    • Thin client to Thin-client

    • Thin-client to desktop

    • Network Printer.

  • For Supported Printer List please visit this site.

    • User Name and password is :enjay