How to connect RDP in Tornado OS?


First of all you have to configure network in Tornado os.

Require connectivity between server and Client.
(Refer document: How to configure network in Tornado OS.pdf)
Server side: Require Terminal service.
For windows Xp ,Windows 7: Require Terminal service utility                  ( Eg. Enjay Ts Pro, Ts-Plus, Universal Terminal service patch)

Here is the steps to configure Remote Desktop connection?
Step: 1: Open System Manager.
You have icons of System Manager on Desktop of Tornado os.
Double click on System Manger icon.

Step 2: Open Enjay Tc Connect.
Here is the system Manager Dialogue box.
Click on Enjay Tc Connect.

Step -3: Open New Connection.
You will get the following dialogue box.
Now click on New button.

As you click on new button, you will get the following screen.
Step 4: Protocol Selection.
For Remote Desktop connection check mark on RDP (Windows Terminal Service).

As you check mark on it, another New RDP Connection dialogue box will appear.

Step 5: Fill RDP details.
Here fill the necessary details of RDP connection.
Connection Name
Server IP Addresses.
User Name & Password.

Click on Save button.

Step 6: Click on Connect button

As you click on save button, You will get ETC connect window.

Here, we can see the connection that we have recently created.
Select this existing connection and click on Connect button.
You will get the remote desktop connection of windows server.
How to start Windows RDP session on Startup.
You can also put this connection on Startup.
Whenever user start the thinclient machine, it will connect to RDP session automatically.
click on Add/Remove Startup.

You will get the following confirmation message.
Click on Ok button.

You can see the following screen in.

Where ‘s’ indicate that this connection set on startup.

Reboot the Thinclinet machine.
As it starts ,you will get the connectivity of RDP server.

How to create desktop shortcut of RDP connection:?
Select the existing RDP connection.
Click on Create Launcher as shown in screen-10

You will get the Desktop Launcher dialogue box.
You can see one check mark option before RDP connection name just checks marks that option to create desktop shortcut.


As you click on Create button, you will get the following confirmation message.
Click on OK button.

You can see the Shortcut icons on Torndo OS desktop..

Double click to connect the  RDP server icon. You will get server desktop.