Installing Enjay Tiguin Linux using USB Pendrive

One can easily install Enjay Tiguin Linux using USB Pendrive. Follow those easy steps as mentioned below to successfully write the entire ISO image of Enjay Tiguin OS and easily install using the same.

Important Notes :

  • Please fromat your Pen Drive with FAT32 Partition.
  • You can Download the ISO Image from Download Location or You can create an ISO Image from existing DVD.
    • Any CD/DVD Burner, on Tiguin OS or Windows OS, can be used to create an ISO Image from Existing DVD.

Download the Enjay Tiguin OS.

Download UNetbootin utility for Windows, Linux, Mac OS Sytem.

After installation open UNetbootin utility.

Click on Disk Image and select ISO.

Click on Browse button.

Select Enjay Tiguin-1.0-i386.iso which you have downloaded.

Select USB Drive in Type.

Select your USB Dirve and click on OK.

Now you can see that the process is running.

Click on Exit button and Your Pen Drive is ready.

Find Enjay Thin Client on our website.