Multi-User Enjay Tiguin OS (Run / Install Tally)

You can Install/Run Tally for Multiple user on a Multi-User Enjay Tiguin OS

The Scenario

The Ideal senario for successfully installing/running Multiuser Tally is to have following things in a network

  1. Centralised Tiguin Server (For Installing Multiuser Tally)
  2. Optionally Installing Data Server (Enjay NAS)
  3. Using RDP Protocol from any system to access Tiguin Server that has Multiuser Tally Installed on it

Building Tiguin Server for installing/running Multiuser Tally

  • Hardware Requirements for Tiguin Application Server
    • Hardware Requirements are based on following things
  1. Number of Users
  2. Size of Tally Data
  3. Verifying hardware requirements for specially customized Tally
    (Note : In general, customized Tally needs more of hardware resources. This should be considered while selecting Server Hardware)
  • Maximum Hardware Supported by Tiguin Application Server
    • Tiguin can be installed on almost any of the current generation Desktop or Server Hardware
    • Tiguin supports Maximum 64 GB of RAM
  • Installing Tally on a Multiuser Tiguin Application Server
    • Important Note :
      • First user, in which Tally will be installed, will be considered as admin user
      • After installing Tally in first user, you will have to apply Tally License.
        Because without applying License to Tally in Fiirst (admin) user,
        you wont be able to install Tally for other users.
      • You cannot install any other Windows application in First (admin) user
      • You can install other Windows applications eg. MS Excel in all other users accept First (admin) user
      • Every user has a Tally Menu Option in Main menu.
        If you have not yet installed Tally in your user you can install it by selecting
        Main Menu --> Tally --> Run Tally
    • Installing Tally in First (admin) User
      • Go to Main Menu --> Tally --> Run Tally
        This will ask for installing Tally if it is not already installed
      • Click on Install
      • This will Install Tally for First (admin) UserĀ 
    • Applying License to Tally in First (admin) user
      • After Installing Tally
      • Run Tally
      • Select your option for Activating, Re-activating or configuring existing License Server, to apply Tally License
        (You can apply License in same way as you do it in Windows environment)
    • Installing Tally in Other Users
      • For creating users in your Tiguin Application Server you can refer to our document available at
      • After creatin other users
        Login with Other Users from same system or any other system using RDP
      • Go to Main Menu --> Tally --> Run Tally
      • This will ask for Installation if Tally is not already installed
        Note : If you have not yet applied License to Tally in First user. You will not be able to install Tally in Other users
      • Select Install
      • Your Tally will be ready to use since you have Applied License to First (Admin) user's Tally