Installing Enjay Tiguin OS on Your System.

This guide will help you to easily install Enjay Tiguin Linux on your Desktop & Server Hardware

Important Note:-

  • All the data on your Installation Hard Drive will be erased. So backup all important Data before starting the Installation Process.
  • Please remove your LAN cable from your System because it will try to download updates at Installation time so your Installation procedure will run slowly.

Hardware Requirement:-

Start Installation:-
  • Insert your Tiguin OS DVD on your Systems DVD Drive  and set your BIOS settings as First Boot Device as a DVD Drive then start it. 
  • Then it will verifying the Installation Configuration. Below is the Tiguin Linux Boot Process & Tiguin Linux Installation process described in details

  • If there is no other OS already present on your Hard Drive then the installer will show screen as shown below.
  • Now Select option "Erase disk and Install Tiguin" then click on Continue for running the Installation.

Important Note :-

  • Option "Erase disk and install Tiguin" will erase entire disk and create a default set of required partitions with default size.
  • You need to select option "Something else" only if you want to resize partitions yourself or choose a custom scheme of multiple partitions for a custom requirement.

  • Click on "Install Now" button as shown below to proceed with Installation.

  • Further Process will help you create first user that will have Administrator Privileges.
  • Provide information of Your Name, Your Computers Name, User Name and Password.
  • You can also select as "Log in automatically". This option will log in automatically with this user when ever system boots.

  • Your Installation is in process now. it will take some time to finish.

  • Once the installation is finished, Click on "Restart Now" button to reboot the system.
  • Remove the DVD / USB to boot from HDD.

  • If you have changed BIOS settings to boot from DVD/USB then change it back to HDD to boot from HDD.

  • Once the system reboots it will ask for Username & Password to Log in. Provide the username and password that you created during Installation. 

  • After Login you will see the Desktop. You are now ready to work with Tiguin OS.
  • Tiguin OS is currently running in Demo Mode. So you need to Register Tiguin OS as a Single User Desktop OS OR a Multiuser Application Server.

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