1.  What is the typical Bandwidth requirement while making a call through Enjay Synapse?

A. One channel consumes 80 kbps.  And one channel equals one call. However, with a licensed Codec, one channel will consume 8 kbps.

2. Can existing EPABX infrastructure be integrated with Enjay Synapse Server?

A.Yes, absolutely.

If the existing setup has EPABX, then that can be integrated with IP-PBX.
Also, PSTN lines can be integrated with Enjay Synapse.

3. Can Enjay Synapse Server be managed from an External location?

A.Yes, Enjay Synapse Server can be managed from an external location. A Static IP address needs to be assigned to Synapse Server to establish this.

4. Can Enjay Synapse OS be installed on Customer's Server Hardware?

A. Yes, Synapse OS can be installed on all Ubuntu Certified Hardware. Details can be found here.http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/

5. Does Synapse Server Record all calls? Can recording be disabled?

A. Yes, Synapse Server records all calls, and recording can be disabled for few extensions or all.

6. Is Recording calls legal?

A. For more details, please refer this link: http://copyright.lawmatters.in/2012/02/recording-telephonic-conversations.html

7. What is the HDD capacity of ESS?

A. Enjay Synapse Server comes equipped with a 500 GB HDD. Typically, a voice file of 1 minute takes up 1 MB of Harddisk space.

So 500 GB will be quite sufficient. And this can be moved onto your Network Storage device any time.
You may also choose to have an additional HDD on the Server.

8. How many extensions can be created in ESS and ESM?

A.On enjay Synapse Server, you can create upto 250 extensions. And on Enjay Synapse Mini Server, you can create upto 50 extensions.

And yes, you do not need a license for creating these extensions.

9. What if the user requirement is more than the allowed number of extensions?

A.In such a case, the Hardware of the server will have to be upgraded.

A good way to start will be to specify the exact requirement of extensions.

10. Can Enjay synapse be integrated with CRM or other applications?

A. Yes, Enjay Synapse Server cam be integrated with CRM. It also can be integrated wit any Java, .Net or PHP based application. We provide API for the same.

11. Can Analog lines/ GSM be integrated with Enjay Synapse?

A. Analog lines or GSM connections can be integrated with Enjay Synapse using EPABX or FXO/GSM Gateways.

12. Is Predictive Dialling Function available in Enjay Synapse?

A. Yes, Predictive Dialling Function is available in Enjay Synapse, as a separate chargeable add-on.