Enjay Tiguin OS offers Support Subscription, which is subject to the SLA attached with this document. However following things are covered specifically in this Subscription

  • Email, Telephonic & Remote support from Enjay or its Partners.
  • Answers to any queries regarding any information related to Linux, e.g.: printer support, how to use some applications etc.
  • Anything that is not covered in Service Catalogue for Enjay Tiguin.
  • Anything that is not covered in the exclusion list given below.
  • Support timings will be 9:30 am to 6:30 pm IST, Monday to Saturday. 
  • General Indian Public Holidays are applicable.

Following things are not covered in the Subscription Charges:

  • Onsite visits by Enjay or its partners are not included.
  • Installation charges are not included in above. It will be charged by Enjay Partner as per service Catalogue.
  • Installation and configuration of extra software (Linux or Windows) on Enjay Tiguin OS.

Please read the SLA before making decision to go for Enjay Tiguin OS.