Yes, We can help you to run almost any Windows Application on Tiguin Linux. Even based apps have been  migrated successfully. But there are some points to be considered before jumping to the conclusion. 

  • It does not run out of the Box. You can't just take any windows Setup and install it on Tiguin Linux. 
  • Each every App have to be painstakingly migrated. Which is a long process involving lot of testing, coding then again testing the things. We will require some extra time and some extra charges for the same. If you want your application to be migrated to Tiguin Linux, you may write an email to

When to Migrate your Windows Apps to Linux:
  • In case you have any ERP App which you run on all your PCs and if you would save lots of money in licensing if that app is run on Linux, then its a wise decision to spend some extra money and get it migrated to Linux. 
  • Always consider financial feasibility before thinking of migrating, the question is not whether it can be migrated or not. The question is whether is financially viable or not ?

When Migrating to Linux is a Bad Idea:
  • Eg: Trying to Migrate AutoCad to Linux is a bad idea. For two reasons. 
    • Firstly, the process of migrating AutoCad is going to Linux will be long and cumbersome and cost you more money. 
    • Secondly, even if you run AutoCad on Linux, you will still have to pay licensing cost of AutoCad which is a huge amount as compared what you will save (cost of Windows OS). It does not make a reasonable thing to do. 
  • Trying to Migrate a Windows App for which you have very less number of users. 
    • Eg: Your testing software used in QC lab. You may have only 2 units of that. Don't migrate that to Linux. 

Are We using Wine (emulator for running Windows Apps) ?

Yes of course we use Wine for that. Only thing is that in last many years we have designed a very perfect method of migrating Windows apps to Linux environment. Wine is a free tool which anybody can use. Even you can do that.