Thin Clients:

Yes, All the Thin Clients which support regular RDP protocol will be able to work with Enjay Tiguin Application Server OS.

Enjay Tiguin Appication Server OS is designed to be used as an Application Server, where other Clients (desktops or thin Clients) login using RDP protocol and use applications installed on the Server.

The RDP protocol on the server side is fine-tuned and highly optimised for low resource requirements and high performance. Enjay Tiguin Application Server uses 3389 port and also supports regular RDP protocols.

Fat Clients PCs (Windows / Linux):

As already mentioned above, any RDP client can connect to Enjay Tiguin Application Server. So if you have Linux Desktop you may use rdesktop command or any other GUI equivalent for the same. If you have windows PC - mstc (remote desktop Client) can be used.