Enjay Tiguin OS is available in Three variants:

  • Enjay Tiguin for Desktop
    • Optimised for Desktop computing i.e. single user.
    • Usage Scenario: When there are individual desktops and apps are accessed locally.

  • Enjay Tiguin Application Server (TAS)
    • Optimised to be used as Application Server (similar to the way Windows Terminal Server is used.)
    • All users will logon using RDP protocol to the Server. 
    • Almost all the Thin Clients available in market can connect to Enjay Tiguin Application Server OS. (Even NComputing Devices running vSpace Technology are also supported)
    • Usage Scenario: When there are thin Clients, or when the PCs are old and new apps to be used.

  • Enjay Tiguin Cloud Solution (TCS)
    • Similar to TAS Plus following extra features. While TAS is designed for LAN TCS is designed for WAN. This is basically Private Cloud Solution for your Tally ERP 9
    • RDP is optimised for remote access (encrypted and compressed).
    • Runs only Tally (repeat Only Tally) its a dedicated Private cloud server for Tally ERP. 
    • Built in High Availability (you get to install same license on two servers).
    • Automated Scheduled backup to the backup server. 
    • Web Management tool for managing users and other settings of Tally ERP.
    • Usage Scenario: When there are thin Clients, or when the PCs are old and new apps to be used, and you need to access Tally ERP from remote locations.

Note :Enjay Tiguin OS is not designed for hard-core server type functioning i.e. it is not suitable for being used as a web-server, file-server, or any kind of service which provides background services. It is typically designed to optimise performance for Desktop users. Whether it may be a single Desktop Users or multiple Desktop users (as in the case of Application Server.)